What is this?

KBEG Gallery is a simple but efficient image gallery written in PHP and C#.

How it works?

KBEG is made of two seperate parts :

  • A client side KBEG Client let you send your pictures from your desktop straight to your online web gallery
  • A server side KBEG Server which is your online image gallery

Main advantages & features:

  • Easy & automatic setup
  • Simple and easy to use (outrageously user friendly)
  • Highly customisable
  • Absolutely free (learn more about licence)

What's new?

  • 29 May 2006: KBEG Gallery download site is open
  • 27 May 2006: Server_v1.0.7 - Support comments on picture
  • 26 May 2006: Client_v1.0.5 - Reduce pictures to the web site max values (to avoid transfering big images when it is not necessary)

What's Planned?

  • Support pictures and albums re-ordering
  • Support multi-user with Add/Delete or Add only rights
  • Private section with login/password

Download now! (FREE!!)

Demo (not available yet)



  • Server side
    • PHP 4.3.1+, PHP 5
    • mySQL 3.23+, mySQL 4
  • Client side
    • Windows 2000+
    • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0+

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